As a Functional Health Center, we offer two key components to help our members lead their best, most engaged, and functional lives. In this section, we will address Physical Therapy, which focuses on preventative injury and rehabilitation aspects of our design, as opposed to the Gym, which caters more to otherwise healthy members engaged in injury-free activities.

Our mission is not only to facilitate your recovery, strength, and speed but also to provide the resources needed to support your rehabilitation and help you regain mobility.

Unlike facilities that rely on restrictive machines, novice-taught group classes, and excessive cardio equipment – often leading to poor technique, injuries, stress, and frustration – our approach is distinctive. Our facility encourages members to engage in activities as they do in their everyday lives, emphasizing a lifestyle beyond the confines of a traditional gym.

Our facility is uniquely designed to enhance human performance in day-to-day activities, regardless of your lifestyle or interests. Our diverse range of members spans from those requiring rehabilitation to professional athletes and everyone in between. Whether you’re involved in sports, outdoor activities, or simply seeking to improve your everyday life, we prioritize core strength, activation, flexibility, iso-lateral balance, and more, offering comprehensive training resources for a well-balanced, engaged life.

We firmly believe that the mind is the first key to properly engaging the body.

At Teqneeq, all our trainers and practitioners are members first and professionals second. We sponsor a page on this site labeled “Practitioners” where prospective clients can review the credentials of members who provide various training services, including general exercise, mobility, and advanced functional training such as rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

Disclaimer: Teqneeq does not endorse or recommend professional services through our member base. You are welcome to use your own practitioner as long as they are also a member. In special circumstances, we may require a fully executed “Medical Necessity Form” to be kept on file, but this is only necessary in the event of governmental restrictions on movement or during lockdowns when access to standard gym activities is limited.


The types of therapy most commonly applied at Teqneeq are as follows:


**Rehabilitative Physical Therapy:**

Major injuries and surgeries often have a significant impact on mobility and movement in affected body parts. Rehabilitative physical therapy aims to assist patients in their recovery journey. This process typically begins in the hospital and continues in outpatient facilities until patients regain full mobility and independence. Teqneeq is a fully comprehensive outpatient facility that ensures not only proper recovery but also the prevention of common recurring injuries in the future.


**Occupational Physical Therapy:**

Occupational physical therapy is tailored for individuals engaged in physically demanding work activities, as well as those whose work involves prolonged periods of sitting. Both situations can lead to poor functional health.

Occupational therapy educates manual laborers on proper lifting techniques, emphasizing the use of knees instead of the back. It also addresses issues faced by individuals who spend extended hours in front of a computer or phone, which can lead to ligament and tendon shortening, as well as other related atrophy and alignment problems causing physical and mental health issues.

Occupational therapy also focuses on core and full body strength, essential for various physical activities. Despite its specialized focus, this therapy takes a holistic approach, aiming to improve overall well-being and readiness for work.


**Hydrotherapy (currently in development):**

As of Q3, 2023, we have initiated the process of adding various hydro-related amenities, including cold dunks, underwater treadmills, Roman baths, hydro-massage, steam rooms, and saunas. This process is in the planning and design stage, and we will keep our members updated on key developments, such as permitting and other processes, as it progresses towards becoming a reality, hopefully by late 2024.