Systematic Review of Functional Training on Muscle Strength

Functional Training San Diego

Regardless of your experience, fitness level, age, or available time for exercise, functional training is very beneficial to your muscle strength. Functional training workouts help burn calories, enhance aerobic capacity, and improve definition, thus promoting muscle growth. The primary component of functional training is compounding exercises which move your muscles in multiple directions at different speeds. When conducting functional training, you use different sets of equipment to engage each group of muscles in your body. At Teqneeq functional health center, we have all sets of modern equipment that will enable you to achieve your functional training goals in time. Our spacious facility enables you to workout different movements without distractions.

What Are The Benefits of Functional Training on Muscle Strength?

Movement Patterns

Your body is designed to move. Functional training workouts mainly deal with your movement patterns instead of the isolated muscle actions. Your body movements have specific patterns, including squats, hinges, pull from the overhead and front of your body, push from overhead and front of your body, and rotation. Functional training exercises aim to optimize muscle strength to enable you to move efficiently in these different patterns.

Movement Efficiency

As an athlete, functional training exercises enable you to perform to your highest limits in various sporting activities. Most personal trainers design workout programs based on several body muscle movement patterns to provide efficient training. When carrying out your daily activities, functional training helps you move and perform your tasks with ease.


Whether you are obese or want to develop a lean body, functional training acts on your muscle group to help you develop a more athletic body. Most dancers and athletes have great body physiques because they concentrate more on functional training during their workouts. When you perform functional and movement-based workouts, you will develop a more muscular appearance.

Coordination, Flexibility, and Mobility

Most functional training workouts are done in an upright position. When your body is exercised uprightly, your movements will be more flexible and coordinated. The functional training workouts help reduce your chances of getting an injury because of the coordinated movements. When carrying out your daily chores, your body moves in patterns that mimic squats, pulls, or pushes. Performing functional training provides more muscle strength to aid in these movements and enable more coordination of muscle groups. Functional exercises increase your range of motion, improve your core strength, and increase your lower body muscle strength, keeping you more stable.

Burn Calories

When compared to traditional training exercises, function training workouts burn more calories. Since functional training exercises are centered on muscle movements, you will consume more oxygen during workouts and burn more calories which helps build more muscle mass and strength. More muscles and fewer calories keep your body healthier and fit.

Aerobic Capacity

Functional training exercises such as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) generate more muscle strength to your cardio than other exercises. HIIT exercises have a much higher intensity than thoseon a normal treadmill. HIIT functional exercises help build more aerobic capacity and increase muscle time to exhaustion than any other workouts.

Lean Muscle Mass

Explosive functional workouts help you maintain lean muscle mass and maintain muscle strength even in your later years. Functional workouts work on all muscle fibers responsible for definition and strength. Higher intensity functional workouts activate type two fibers in your muscles which cannot be activated during normal conventional workouts. A good functional training program enhances your muscle strength and helps you stay fit at all times.

Ease of Workout Design

Functional exercises are versatile. You can move your body to perform different tasks at a time. These tasks work on different muscle groups as you move in different patterns. Functional workout exercises keep your muscles stimulated and engaged during your workout sessions. Working with High-Intensity Interval Training equipment challenges your muscle movement and provides more strength. When designed appropriately, this equipment can provide effective and functional workouts. At Teqneeq, we have several low- and high-intensity functional training equipment sets. Our functional training equipment isthe latest, and our facility is spacious to allow for social distancing during your workouts and clean to keep you healthy.


Functional training exercises are carried out for a purpose. It targets specific muscle groups. During your exercises, functional training help trigger several muscle movement patterns that mimic daily activities. When carried out appropriately, functional training improves your overall muscle growth and strength and keeps you more fit even as you age. At Teqneeq functional health center, we provide our members with a state-of-the-art facility to perform functional training exercises with comfort. Our pieces of equipment are more than enough to enable our members to attain their health goals quickly. If you need to start your functional training exercises, contact us today at Teqneeq for the best fitness and functional environment. Our facility is open to members at all times, and our customer care is available four days a week.