Strength Training: Get Stronger and Healthier

Strength Training for Better Health

What is Strength Training?

Also known as resistance or weight training, strength training uses an opposing force to increase muscle mass and build body strength.  The primary goal of strength training is to provide your body with a stimulus for various adaptive responses. When conducting strength training, compound exercises are put into practice. Compounding exercises engage several muscle groups before isolating such muscles and working on them individually to their limit. When starting your strength training exercises, you can use your body weight, free weights, resistance bands, and machines. At Teqneeq functional health center, you are assured of a well-designed facility with all high-end equipment for your strength training in San Diego.

Strength training makes you sturdy and robust. Apart from the strength, you can improve your heart health, improve your metabolism, keep your posture intact, lower your cholesterol levels, and keep your muscle tissues more active. Strength training makes you feel less stressed and more mindful when in-between exercising sessions.

Strength Training Tips

Before starting your strength training exercises, here are the best tips that you should know:

Always Start Light

When starting your strength training workouts, always start with the lighter weights, try several reps, and move progressively to heavier weights. To avoid confusion on the weights you use, do simple research before starting your exercises to perfect your goals. Another option is to invest in a personal trainer for more guidance. When you train at Teqneeq, you are sure to have access to all the weights and equipment necessary that will help you achieve your strength training goals. At Teqneeq, health and fitness are our priorities. As such, you will get the best strength training in San Diego.

Keep a Fitness Log

When starting any fitness exercise, it is essential to keep notes of your fitness activities to track your progress. You can keep your log on your phone; download a fitness app or good old pen and paper. A record allows you to know how many sets, reps, and kinds of weights you have used during each workout or exercise. To achieve your strength training goals, always note each activity to monitor your progress. When heading in for your next workout you can check all the activities you did the previous times and how to increase or slow your tempo in order to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Be Consistent

For strength training exercises to succeed, you need to be consistent. Consistency helps your strength and body structure and is an essential part of strength training. With regular practice, you can easily measure your strength training progress and get where you want to go.

Keep Your Training Simple

Avoid complicating your strength training exercises by trying every piece of equipment. Keep your training very simple by following the compounding exercises for maximum development of your muscle strength. Compounding exercises such as bench press, dead lifting, and squatting help develop group muscles. Consult a personal trainer if you are not sure of establishing a structure for your strength exercise workouts. At Teqneeq, we allow our members to accompany their trainers to our health and fitness facility as long as both are members of the facility.

Common Strength Training Mistakes to Avoid

Lifting Too Heavy

One of the common reasons for fitness or injury is lifting very heavyweights. Most people want to compare themselves with someone lifting heavier weights nearby. It is a good fitness training strategy to start with lighter weights and only lift heavy weights when you are have built enough strength and are comfortable.

Not Resting Enough

When performing strength training exercises, always have enough rests between consecutive workouts. Resting helps your muscles to be ready for the following activities.

Working on the Same Group of Muscles too Often

It is important to alternate between lower and upper body exercises, recovery activities, and cardio exercises for uniformity and solid growth. It helps you build a uniform structure and succeed in your fitness goal.

Benefits of Strength Training

It Makes Your Body Fitter and Stronger

Muscle training is essential in your daily activities. Strength training helps your body muscles to be more sturdy and robust. It achieves this through both isometric and isotonic strength training.

It Develops Healthy Bones and Builds Muscle Mass

As you age, your bone health and muscle mass start to deteriorate. However, strength training provides the impact and intensity needed to improve bone structure and density. Having high muscle strength, power, and mass is also a benefit of strength training.

It Helps in Burning Calories

Strength training exercises are essential for your body’s metabolism. With the improved metabolism, your body increases the rate of burning calories. Strength training requires more energy. When amplifying the needed extra power, your body will burn more energy during the workouts, keeping you healthier.

It Helps in Managing Your Weight

After a strength training session, your body will undergo strengthening and resistance. As more fats are burned and group muscle mass increases, your overall weight will reduce. If you are an obese person, you will develop a lean body after a period of time strength training. When you enroll for your membership at Teqneeq, you will find other peers who are passionate about health and fitness. Teqneeq is simply the best when it comes to having the best resources and environment. Its modern facilities and equipment make it the best fitness center for strength training in San Diego.

It Helps in Developing Better Body Mechanics

Strength training exercises are beneficial for posture, coordination, and balance. Resistance training helps in building muscle strength, mass, and functional capacity. These aspects make your body more balanced and more potent.

It Helps in Chronic Disease Management

Strength training is essential in fighting the symptoms associated with chronic pulmonary disease, neuromuscular disorder, cancerous diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

It Improves Your Mood and Boosts your Energy Levels

Most exercises such as strength training are essential in combating problems associated with depression. Strength training improves your mood by generating endorphins that activate neuromuscular and neuro chemical responses in your brain.

It Improves Your Cardiovascular Health

Muscle-strengthening activities help stabilize blood pressure hence reducing the chances of getting hypertension and other heart diseases.

Getting Started in Strength Training

When incorporating strength training into your routine, the first step is to find a membership at a health and fitness center. At Teqneeq, we are open to new members passionate about their fitness goals. We understand that strength training is an important aspect of a healthy life. It boosts your health and keeps you more fit. Strength training helps in combating various diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. At Teqneeq, we have the best, modern resources to help you attain your goals. Our facility is more than just a gym; it is a community with a supportive atmosphere full of hardworking members. Teqneeq is a functional health center with the best strength training in San Diego.