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All-inclusive memberships for a great value. Only pay month-to-month, no contracts.

+ $119 annual fee


monthly payment

Short term value
$89/mo average at 12 months

+ $239 annual fee


monthly payment

$79/mo average at 12 months

+ $359 annual fee


monthly payment

Long term value
$69/mo average at 12 months

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New members must complete a facility tour to begin.

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Membership FAQ

  • Are there any discounts offered other then what’s posted on your website?
    No. All members pay the exact same rate and have the exact same access and benefits to the facility.
  • Can I pay to train for only a day, week, or month if I’m not a member?
    No, you need to be a member to train. Or a member can request a guest pass to allow you to visit with them.
  • Can I have a guest if I’m a member?
    Yes. Guest passes can be purchased for a week or month and are for guests of members only.
  • Do you do family memberships?
    No, we do not differentiate household memberships and individuals. Every person has a single membership.
  • Is a tour required prior to sign up?
    Yes. Tours, and acknowledgement of facility etiquette, are required prior to signing up.
  • Can I cancel at any time?
    Yes. We require a 30 day notice but typically allow members out same day without exception if they decide to cancel.
  • Do you have membership plans that don’t require long-term contracts?
    Yes. All of our membership plans are month to month only.

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