How Technology is Changing Athletic Training in San Diego

Due to technological advancements, there has been a positive change in conducting athletic training. Technology has played a significant impact in the development of athletic training. It has changed the mode of playing and how the athletes are trained. Types of equipment that were once not available are now common for a member of a functional health center. At Teqneeq, we have all the modern pieces of equipment for you to conduct your athletic training in San Diego and its environs. We have equipped our facility with the latest equipment, thanks to the growth in technology.

Current development in athletic training is the monitoring of athletic training performance. With a wrist tracker, you can measure and analyze how your athletic training is proceeding with the aid of a real-time data tracker. Each athletic training exercise currently haste specialized equipment, thanks to technology. Athletes can now get information on performance, strength, and speed during the training.

List of Technological Changes in Athletic Training

  • Individual data analytics
  • Respiratory monitoring
  • Team performance analytics
  • Video technology
  • Sports genetics
  • Wearable hydration trackers
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D scans
  • Recovering from injury
  • Smart clothing
  • Swing analysis
  • Technology for mental stimulation
  • Biomechanical technology
  • Performance nutrition
  • Advanced statistics

How Technology is Impacting Athletic Training

When you are an athlete or a fitness fanatic, your main aim is to go past your last record. For this reason, the fitness world has introduced gadgets for peak performance and intelligent technology, which helps athletes with the devices for controlling and boosting their performance. Here is how the technology has impacted the growth of athletic training:

Multi-Feature Sports Watches

Smartwatches are the most commonly used gadgets in athletic training. Smartwatches track your data and metrics and help you gauge your progress in athletic training. Smartwatches track your athletic training progress, such as the number of calories burnt, GPS locations, and heart rate. The smartwatches help you recognize your weakness and strength, determine your progress in athletic training, and help you achieve your goals. Since smartwatches are easily synchronized with apps and smartphones, useful athletic tracking information can be determined.

Smart Trainers

From stationary bikes that mimic professional bicycles to mirrors that act as a digital gym and smart kettlebells that easily adjust the weights with the help of magnetic technology, smart trainers have resolved the problems associated with traditional athletic training. Nowadays, you cannot be bothered by the challenges of road traffic due to cycling exercises on the streets. Smart trainers offer convenient and personalized connectivity and digital features that replace traditional training.

Fitness Trackers

Apart from heart rate monitors and smartwatches, fitness-specific trackers help better athletic training performance. When you connect your app to a fitness tracker, you can detect the distances you have traveled, calories burnt and collect data on your training progress without carrying any accessory on you. As you combine your fitness trackers with our facilities at Teqneeq, you will get the best of your athletic training. At Teqneeq, we have modern equipment for your athletic training. Thanks to how functional our health facilities are, you can easily monitor your fitness. With our equipment corresponding to your fitness trackers, you will enjoy the best athletic train in San Diego at Teqneeq functional health center.

Muscle Recovery Accessories

Muscle recovery is the most unfamiliar and underestimated high-tech gadget for athletic training and competitive sports. For any fitness exercise, a proper recovery program is essential. Modern muscle recovery devices help you provide a powerful vibration to the injured or sore muscle and boost your blood circulation.  These accessories save time that you could have spent at a sports massage parlor or when waiting for muscle fatigue recovery. The technology helps you to perform well in your subsequent athletic training workouts. You can also quickly relieve your pain or sores than the conventional methods.

Body Scanner

There are modern smart scales and scanners to determine your body composition. When a scanner is in contact with your skin, it can determine the level of fat, muscle, water, and the kind of bone in your body. The scanners use weak current connected with very high-frequency electrical impulses that can maneuver through your muscle fibers and get your body’s composition by measuring the level of resistance. When you want to gain muscle or lose more fat, this tool is valuable and practical for understanding your body composition and knowing the specific areas that need more improvement.

Breathing Trainer

Vigorous athletic training can cause your body to tire, especially when you engage in competitive sports. When your body is tired, breathing is affected, and it becomes detrimental to your overall performance in athletics. The breathing trainer has a Bluetooth device that improves your breathing capability when you have less oxygen by increasing your lung capacity when training, thus improving your air, intensity, duration, and duration. The breathing sensor uses a pressure sensor to determine your breathing capacity. The device can strengthen your respiratory system, making it more efficient, faster, and more vital for better performance.

Training Management Software

With the emergence of training management software, you can track your performance and perfect your movements.  Tracking software helps your coach or trainer monitor your energy, diet, and sleep. With the data from the management software, your trainer can devise means to provide your workouts with minimum chances of fatigue or injuries. As you use your training management software with your trainer at Teqneeq, you will discover various aspects of your athletic training. Teqneeq functional center offers you a unique environment with state-of-the-art facilities that enable you to gauge your strength in athletic training and precisely estimate your goals. Teqneeq is your preferred fitness facility for your athletic training in San Diego.


Technology has taken over all the aspects of athletic training in the modern world. With the emerging technology, athletic training has become more accessible. You can monitor your progress in real-time. Technology has also improved communication, equipment, and facilities used in athletic training. At Teqneeq functional health center, we have kept our technology abreast to ensure that you get all the best in your athletic training. With the modern health facility and high equipment, we are happy to provide you with the best athletic training in San Diego. Contact us today to enjoy our best services.