Functional Training San Diego

Functional Training San Diego

Teqneeq is the leading health and fitness center for your functional training in San Diego.  When you start functional training, you are training for a purpose. Functional training is a form of strength training that prepares your body for your everyday chores. Exercises in functional training are meant to provide physical fitness for your everyday real-life activities such as squatting, hauling, pushing, pulling, loading, lifting, and bending. Functional training workouts entail multi-joint and muscle movements that involve your shoulders, wrists, elbows, spine, hips, and knees. These exercises boost your strength and improve your range of motion. Functional training mostly involves compound workouts which twitches a group of muscles. Such workouts include push-ups, lunges, deadlifts, and squatting. These exercises mimic your daily activities.

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Movements in this kind of training involve multiple planes such as moving side to side, forward and backward, and rotational movements. Functional training exercises require the use of weights rather than machines. Machines need a trainee to move in a specific or a rigid way and do not mimic how a body moves. At Teqneeq health and fitness center, we have a spacious center and a range of the latest equipment for your effective functional training in San Diego.

Importance of Functional Training

Functional training improves your balance and stability. Many activities in your daily life can throw you off balance or cause you to become unstable. These effects are best mitigated by functional training. Exercises such as shoulder presses and lunges increase your stability in your daily life. Since most functional training improves your core and stability, it increases your overall strength in your body. The overall strength of your entire body is required for daily activities. For example, when working on your garden, you will not only use your biceps for shoveling, but you will also engage your upper and lower body to move your shovel; your quads when pushing the shovel and use your back to bend, while you use your shoulder, and abs to lift and throw away the dirt. Functional training improves your body coordination, awareness, and balance which helps you avoid injuries in your daily activities. When moving a group of muscles at once, body coordination, core strength, and focus are required. When you train functionally, you will become better at your daily activities as your body works as a system. You will achieve kinesthetic awareness, which helps you to move more safely. Functional exercises are essential in your daily life as it improves your confidence, purpose and allow you to be more robust, sturdy, and safe. Teqneeq fitness and health center is always open to our members, and there is unlimited access to our facility for functional training in San Diego.

Full Body Functional Training Workouts

Start your basic functional training with squats. It is better to perform your squats as your hold dumbbells in your hands. After squatting workouts, start your push-up workouts on the floor to strengthen your core, shoulders, and glutes. The next step is to perform lateral lunge workouts. While standing with your hands on your hips and your feet together, take a step to one side and hinge towards your hips while pushing your back and bending your knee towards your lunge. Switch sides and repeat the workout several times. Another functional workout is the bent over row. You start this workout by standing with your feet apart and holding weights on each of your hands. Engage your core before hinging towards your hips, bending your knees, and performing rows by pulling your weights towards your chest before lowering the weights slowly towards the floor. Conclude your exercise by performing deadlifts.


Start deadlifting by standing with your legs apart and bending your knees slightly while holding dumbbells in each of your hands. Hold your hips forward while bending your hips slightly, lower your dumbbells until your torso becomes parallel to the floor. Pause for a while and restart the workout several times. You can vary your deadlift workout by performing a single-leg deadlift. It is similar to the deadlift, only that you primarily workout on one of your legs at a time. 

If you need the best fitness and health center for your functional training in San Diego, become a member at Teqneeq functional health center. At Teqneeq we provide top of the line resources coupled with the best environment and that leads to the best results. Contact Us today to see the difference for yourself!