Functional Training San Diego: Benefits, Moves and How to Get Started

What is Functional Training?

When conducting functional training, you are exercising for a purpose. It encompasses specific movement patterns that help certain purposes. These purposes help you get better at performing daily life activities such as walking, pushing a door, preparing for a sport, and squatting to pick a heavy item. Functional exercises aim to strengthen your body in a particular way that will help an activity outside of the fitness room. The main aim of functional training is to make your daily chores easier and quick to perform. If you want to start functional training exercises, enroll in a functional health center. At Teqneeq, we have a well-equipped modern facility for your functional training in San Diego.

Just like strength training, functional training relies on compounding exercises that build muscles groups. The only difference is that functional training mimics daily activity patterns such as rotation, hinge, squat, push and pull rather than isolation exercises. Most functional training workouts are multi-joint and have movements in multiple planes.

What is The Focus of Functional Training?

The main focus of functional training is to help you perform your daily duties better. Through functional training exercises, you will improve body functions and moves, strengthen specific movement patterns, and increase your body’s physical performance. Functional training focuses on three planes of motion, that is:

  1. Front and back (Sagittal motion)
  2. Side to side (Frontal motion)
  3. Rotational (Transverse motion)

Effective functional training exercises use free weights instead of machines, incorporate a lot of instability workouts for core stability, and work out your muscles to their maximum limits of motion. Some of the movements in functional training include:

  1. Balancing on one leg
  2. Push-ups
  3. Squats
  4. Lunges
  5. Bodyweight squats
  6. Lateral bounds

What are The Benefits of Functional Training?

Makes Your Body Efficient

Since functional training focuses on movement patterns that engage every muscle and joint, you will be more efficient. Other fitness exercises mainly focus on specific isolated muscle groups; hence, they are inefficient.

Increases Agility, Balance, and Coordination

Functional training exercises mainly involve your own body to perform various exercises. The exercises boost your body balance and coordination in your movements. You will become more stable when working against other external focuses in your daily activities.

Prevents Injuries

Functional training traces its history as a tool to rehabilitate people after their injuries. After conducting sessions of functional exercises, your joints become more active, leading to more life quality. When you incorporate the right functional training technique, you will strengthen your joints and muscles and avoid daily activities injuries. You will also prevent most injuries such as ankles and knees. Because functional exercises train your entire body, you will be more prepared to handle stress due to various impacts.

Strengthen Your Core

When you conduct functional training exercises, you will strengthen your scapular, abdomen, and hips. These exercises help you maintain your stability and improve your core strength. At Teqneeq, function health is our priority. When you train in our facility, you will quickly achieve your health goals by taking advantage of our health-oriented fitness center. Our programs are centered on your comfort and success. Our spacious and highly equipped facility makes us your best choice for functional training in San Diego.

Improve Your Mobility and Flexibility

Functional movements incorporate mobility and flexibility of your body. These movement patterns involve loosening and stretching your body parts such as your back, chest, and hips. The tensions created through these functional movements boost your mobility and stability.

Decreases Your Back Pain and Improves Your Posture

Back pains are widespread owing to sedentary lifestyles.  When you take functional training exercises, you will strengthen your core and improve your posture stability. You will eliminate spinal and back injuries as you perform your daily tasks.

Increases Your Power and Speed

Everyone wants to be more explosive, powerful, and faster. Functional training exercises help you reap these benefits by incorporating balance, muscle control, coordination, and agility. After successful workouts, you will easily move quickly and fluidly while changing directions.

Develops Your Body Mindfulness

When working on your functional training exercises, you will use your body both as a force and weight. After some workouts, you will be more aware of your body’s responsiveness to the exercises instead of relying on gym machines.

Right Steps to Get Started in Functional Training

Getting started on functional training exercises is the best decision you can make for your health. The activities involved during the exercises help reduce the chances of acquiring chronic diseases and improve your coordination and balance. Here are the steps to get you started in your functional training exercise journey:

Access Your Fitness Level

Getting information on your fitness level helps you determine your baseline and establish a benchmark for your functional training progress. To start assessing your fitness level, record your pulse rate after walking for some distance and performing some push-ups. Measure how your body can stretch and calculate your body mass index. 

Design Your Functional Training Program

When designing a plan for your functional training program, consider your fitness goals. Ensure to create a balanced routine that will establish your training consistency. Start your exercises low and improve slowly over time. Putting the plan on paper or using an app for efficiency is vital. Consult a personal trainer if you are unsure of your functional training program. At Teqneeq, our members are at will to come with their trainers to our facility. Since our functional health facility has all you need for your fitness, you will design a credible plan for faster results. Teqneeq’s facilities are sufficient and high-end, making us the leading functional training in San Diego.

Assemble Your Equipment

Start by getting every piece of equipment you need, such as athletic or cross-training shoes. To monitor your progress, invest in smart devices that will track your functional training activities, such as distance, heart rate, and the number of calories burned.

Get Started

After assembling everything you need, start your functional training exercises. It is essential to start slowly and gradually as you improve your strength. For effective training, break your workout sessions into short and more frequent exercises for the best results. While you workout, listen to your body for effects such as shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness, or pain. Take a break and be flexible in your exercises if you notice these signs.

Monitor Your Progress

After taking your functional training, monitor your body changes to check if you meet your fitness goals. You can then adjust your activities to meet your goals.


The functional training exercise is essential for improving your body strength for your daily activities. For the success of functional training exercises to be a success, you need to be consistent with your workouts and train in a good functional health center. At Teqneeq, we are dedicated to making our priority your health and fitness. Enroll in our membership at Teqneeq to enjoy your best functional training in San Diego.