The world's most evolved indoor training center

What makes our facility the best?

Our commitment to 4 key principles of operation

01 Space & Time

With our patented, open architecture floorplan design, and true 24/7 Access, you have the perfect formula for success.  

02 Equipment & Flow

We have combined various modalities, and over 40 years experience with the best equipment and resources available.

All you do is show up—anytime, day or night—and apply yourself to the best of your abilities. Our facility will ensure you get the maximum results, in the least amount of time compared to any other training environment. 

03 Neat, Clean & Straight

From the time you walk through the front door, and from every angle and location, you will always find our facility to be organized, accessible, and clean, regardless of the time, day, or level of occupancy.

From the air you breath, to the water you drink or bathe in, ours is by far the most noticeably healthy environment you’ll experience in any public facility, anywhere.

04 Private & Secure

We value the quality of the experience our existing members receive over the quantity of new members the company receives.

We prioritize our members ability to feel protected, safe, and secure. We utilize only top-tier security technology, equipment, procedures, methods, and protocols based on our main principle’s 20 years’ experience in the private security sector.

We want our members to feel comfortable and content using our facility and being a part of our operation.

Our Promise

Start quicker. Flow smoother. Finish sooner.

No other design inspires you like Teqneeq

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Member testimonials

Hear directly from our members why the facility at Teqneeq exceeds any other fitness center.


Facility FAQ

  • Can I have a guest if I’m a member?
    Yes. Guest passes are for a day, week, or month, and are for guests of active members only.
  • Can I bring my own trainer with me and be trained at the facility?
    Yes. Your trainer will need to have their own membership independent of yourself.

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