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Balanced Environment
We Follow the Golden Rule

What Makes Teqneeq Better

Our culture at Teqneeq is vital to the best member experience.

Members have unprecedented access to equipment, coupled with the freedom of movement you can’t find anywhere else.

Each member’s experience is optimized by establishing and maintaining a balance between technology use and organic output.

Our Brand’s ability to assist each member, relies on our ability to assist every member equally.

Our approach is, if it doesn’t work for everyone, it doesn’t work for anyone.

If you are ready to engage your optimal self, this is the program designed for you.

If you are ready to engage your optimal self, this is the program designed for you.

As a business model, Teqneeq does not run sales promotions or drive new member sign-ups.

Teqneeq is designed to be a socially neutral brand that stands apart from politics, pop culture, trends, fads, and other social distractions.

Our sole focus is to provide our members with the best indoor health and fitness training experience available, anywhere in a private, semi-private or commercial club environment.

Why I choose Teqneeq

for the Culture

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  • Can I sign up and bring my guests or clients on the same day?
    No. All new members are placed on a 30-day etiquette probation to ensure they are able to properly adhere to the etiquette prior to being allowed to sponsor guests.
  • If I’m a professional health services practitioner such as a personal trainer, or rehabilitation technician, do I have to pay additional floor fees to train my clients at the facility?
    No. You pay a simple membership fee and are treated as a member just like everyone else. You have full access to the facility to train clients as a member.
  • I’m under 18 years of age, can I sign up as a primary member?
    No. All primary members are required to be legal adults in their own right, 18 years of age or older.
  • Can I have a guest if I’m a member?
    Yes. Guest passes are for a day, week, or month, and are for guests of active members only.
  • I’m a primary member, in good standing. What are my options if I would like to sponsor my child for membership?
    If you’re a primary member in good standing, you may sponsor your child for membership if they are 16 years of age or older and have been issued their provisional driver’s license.

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