Climbing Gym San Diego

Climbing Gym San Diego

If you think of the best wall climbing gym in San Diego, Teqneeq functional health center is your solution. At Teqneeq you have the opportunity to learn climbing gym exercises and factor them into your workouts throughout the rest of the facility. Climbing is the fastest-growing recreational mainstream gym activity. Rock climbing is fun and also great for strengthening your body to improve other aspects of your life. Climbing exercises improve your arms, core, glutes, legs, back, and joint muscles. It is a great exercise to improve flexibility and stretch as you hold on to the wall while climbing up it. At Teqneeq, we have created this adrenaline sporting activity safer for our members by incorporating a designated climbing area with adequate safety equipment.

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You can climb at your ability level and comfort. Teqneeq climbing gym in San Diego provides you with this much-needed aerobic exercise by flexing your heart rate, making your cardiac muscles more fit. It is a competitive sport in nature that acts as a whole body workout. At Teqneeq, we encourage our members to use the proper equipment for the climbing gym to avoid accidents and getting hurt. Since climbing is a rigorous activity, you must be in good physical condition and maintain good body posture while utilizing the right climbing equipment on our climbing wall.

Health Benefits of Climbing

Since wall climbing uses most of your major muscles, it is a great gym alternative to exercising and strengthening your muscles with low impact. As you climb up the wall, you will be utilizing your arms and legs while your abs aid in stabilization during the exercise. All the wall climbing, stretching and reaching done while scaling the climbing wall will improve your body flexibility and strength. Climbing is a great exercise if you goal is to achieve a toned, lean, healthy and athletic body. Climbing up the wall is hard work and you will also challenge your cardiovascular system. As you climb to the top, you will boost your heart rate, burn more calories, strengthen your lungs and muscles, and increase stamina.  When you exercise for about thirty minutes or longer at the gym, you will reduce the chances of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The climbing gym is one of the most efficient and natural ways of combating these chronic diseases. After several sessions of wall climbing, you will improve physical coordination and spatial awareness. Being careful while climbing will eventually boost your problem-solving and cognitive skills as you ponder how to reach the top of the wall. At Teqneeq, we make your wall climbing gym in San Diego safe, fun, and challenging.

Target Areas for Climbing Gym

Climbing is an intensive activity. It requires full body concentration and effort. As you transcend from a beginner to a seasoned climber, you will improve your muscles’ strength and resilience. Climbing gym exercises provide stability and balance to your core as you hold your body very close to the wall. The activity is a real workout to your arms and legs as you will need the power to climb and push force to pull you up. As you propel yourself further upwards, you will need the strength of your glutes and back to keep you stable on the wall. When stretching and reaching from one point to the other on the wall, you will improve your flexibility. Because the exercise is anaerobic, your heart rate will be pushed up further, stretching yourself to its limit. When starting your climbing exercises, it is recommended to start at a basic level to gain fitness before proceeding to the next levels.

For your safety and convenience, the right gear for climbing is necessary. A harness and climbing shoes make your climbing exercise more comfortable. At Teqneeq, you will be issued equipment such as carabiner clips and ropes. Wall climbing will help you reach your fitness goals without boredom and joint-jarring effects common with other high-impact activities such as plyometrics and running. The climbing exercises provide a workout platform from your head to your toes, challenging you physically and mentally. If you are looking for a new exhilarating exercise and workout and are up to more intense activities, start climbing gym sessions at Teqneeq fitness center. Teqneeq has one of the best climbing walls in San Diego and, in combination with the rest of the state-of-the-art facility, provides the best overall climbing gym experience in San Diego. Contact Us today to see the difference for yourself!