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Our training resources are unparalleled in the health and fitness industry. With over 250 station sets optimized daily and 5 complete training modalities the combinations are endless. If you’re able to find a more comprehensive, complete training center anywhere in San Diego, we’ll let you train here for free!

Best Environment

We maintain a neat, clean, and organized facility with a constant emphasis on positive energy and member experience. Ask any of our members next time you are here why they love us so much and you’ll hear for yourself how positive people are attracting other positive people to our facility and the great vibes just keep getting better.

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Best Results

Our ideal member is a person striving to improve themselves, mentally and physically, and is looking for an oasis in the commercial health and fitness desert. Teqneeq is the place to share an interface with a more sophisticated, inclusive, and respectful community, while continuing on the path of your own, unique journey, 24/7.


Motivational Member

Elsa Cortes

Elsa Cortes

Hi! My name is Elsa, and I enjoy smothering my face with some good food to include Mexican, Thai, or Pho. I am a Marine Corps Veteran. When I’m not eating, I’m either working, studying, or sleeping! I go to Teqneeq with my wife and love the variety of workout equipment it offers. It’s great to know they value their customers as well!


24/7 Access

Personal Trainers


Personal trainers have a huge opportunity at Teqneeq. The trainer and their client simply have their own memberships and they can work directly together, without any involvement of the facility. It’s that simple!



To ensure that all members are considerate of one another and accountable, we enforce our own Facility Etiquette. This has contributed to the creation of a community and an inviting, comfortable environment that is different from any other gym.

Access and oppertunities

access & opportunity

The all-inclusive, collective program offered to all members allows for anyone to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Personal Trainers

health & hygiene

A daily 360° disinfectant treatment and multiple hand wash and cleaning stations for member use.

24 hours a day. 7 days a week. the best facility.

As a member, you have unlimited access to everything Teqneeq has to
offer, 24/7/365. Whether it’s after dinner or first thing in the morning,
let yourself in with a key FOB and get right to work.